Management Training

I.Q & Technical skills are necessry to be Effective in genaral. However, high I.Q & technical skill doesn’t guarantee success in life. Because academic excellence virtually doesn’t offer any buffer or solution to life-crisis and turmoils. Where as in modern times, when competetion is the name of the game, each one of us is under pressure to perform. It leads to Emotional stress and turmoils ,which sometimes have power to disrupt and override the power of thinking.

INDIAN SPIRITUAL WISDOM provides an insight to develop the E.Q.

Seminars and Workshops based on Spiritual Wisdom, on various topics, are offerd to develop strong EQ.

Pu. Swamiji possesses a unique ability to teach the whole cross-section of the society from School and Collage students to Corporate Executives. Class I & II employees of Govt. of Gujarat, Rajkot Collectorate, Porbandar Collectorate, Surat Municipal Corporation and Dept. of P & T., Rajkot Management Association, Bharuch Management Association, Vadodara Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Surat Chamber – Jaipur Chamber Reliance Industries, Videocon, Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs etc. have had the benefit of listening to Pujya Swamiji’s wisdom.

One-day training programmes for employees of Electricity Board and staff/officers of Govt. of Gujarat. The training programme was primarily aimed to make Government Employees more responsible and citizen-friendly. More than 100 seminars conducted so far.

Some these programs conducted at Ashram premises. More ever Pu. Swamiji visits various institute for imparting training for half day to 3 days at the request of institute. You may contact us for such training program for Institute.