Ashram Activities

Teaching of traditional text

Daily and Periodical teaching (classes-lectures) in Vedanta.
Upanishad-Gita and other texts are taught along with “Shankar Bhashyam” and various commentaries.
Periodical Yoga-Samskrita-and Chanting classes.


Teaching Programme for students

The need of the hour necessitates that we should impart best education in science, engineering & technology, medicine etc. But it would be improper (insufficient) to confine only to these various disciplines of knowledge. Because Human child needs to be educated to conduct oneself as a human being. Education should also provide an insight to the right living, can be called as wisdom of living.
In order to provide the knowledge of basic values / morals as well as the forms and spirit of the culture various “Value and Cultural Education Programmes” for students from grade III to the final year of college.


Teaching Programme for teachers

The programme is primarily aimed at creating awareness about the cultural and value education amongst the teachers and others who are already in the field of education as well as all those who influence the society at large. The course provides clarity about the value of values and the vision of our culture to the Teachers and social leaders who are actually the role model for these students. The current needs, in modern dynamic society,requires adopting to new forms and give up the traditional forms. Not understanding the spirit of it, present generation may become alienated from its cultural roots. This programme provides necessary wisdom regarding the spirit of our culture also.


Seminars, workshops for Executives/Govt.officers-staff

I.Q & Technical skills are necessry to be Effective in genaral. However, high I.Q & technical skill doesn’t guarantee success in life. Because academic excellence virtually doesn’t offer any buffer or solution to life-crisis and turmoils. Where as in modern times, when competetion is the name of the game, each one of us is under pressure to perform. It leads to Emotional stress and turmoils ,which sometimes have power to disrupt and override the power of thinking.

INDIAN SPIRITUAL WISDOM provides an insight to develop the E.Q.

Seminars and Workshops based on Spiritual Wisdom,on various topics, are offerd to develop strong EQ

Religious and Social Activities

  1. "Asharam has a unique beautiful temple. Traditional Poojas on Festivals and on special occasions are performed regularly. All festivals are celebrated with devotional fervor, in a traditional manner.
  2. A yajna shala equipped and learned Panditji performs various Yajnas on festivals and on special occasions..
  3. Various Vedic Samskaras such as Upanayanam, Namakaranam etc. are also performed in traditional way.
  4. On behalf of Indian Red Cross Society – Tamilnadu Branch, Ashram co-ordinated the relief and re-habilitation work for the earth-quake affected people of Kutch-Saurashtra. The total cost of relief material and rehabilitation work was around four and a half crores.
  5. A spiritual Shibir is organized from 05/09/2012 to 12/09/2012 at Swami Dayananda Ashram, Rishikesh.



Pu.Swamiji is —
Secretary General and Co-ordinator of HINDU DHARMA ACHARYA SABHA.
Ex-Chairman, Gujarat Chapter, VISHWA MANGAL GAU GRAM YATRA
Chairing /Board Member of various Institutions/Trusts