Arsha Vidya

We, human beings are born with a physical body & a mind within. Both physical body & mind is endowed with immense potential to grow.

The physical growth is natural. We just have to feed & protect it. Physical body grows in time & becomes mature naturally. However mind doesn’t mature by itself. Mind matures not by time but by Self Efforts-Education. Unlike physical growth, mental growth has to be initiated.

The education available in our schools, colleges & through media creates awareness about the outside world. It teaches us how to deal & use the external world, including our body. The understanding regarding the external world has increased many fold. Thereby, in this technological era, life has become more comfortable.

But mere comfort doesn’t guarantee happiness. Happiness in life is related to the maturity of the mind. Emotional maturity guarantees relative happiness.

Moreover a Matured Person, committed to life of Dharma becomes “Adhikari” for Self Knowledge. Thru study and assimilation of Sciptural Wisdom one gains MOKSHA.

Bharatiya Cultural provided necessary social structure to follow Dharma to be Mature. Naturally the cultural heritage was passed on to next generation. The Cultural values are changing, Social fabric is also changing. Hence it has become necessary to teach children about culture and Dharma in Gurukul-Classrooms situation.

True, effectiveness in all areas necessitates I.Q & technical skills. But it has been observed that many people with high I.Q & technical skills either fail perform or under- perform. High I.Q & technical skills doesn’t guarantee Success in life. Because, academic excellence virtually doesn’t offer any buffer or solution to life turmoil's and crisis. In these competitive times, right from childhood, there is pressure to perform. Life turmoil's and stress seems have power to disrupt and override the power of thinking. I.Q gets impaired by Emotional disturbances. It is necessary to develop E.Q or Emotional Maturity.

SPIRITUAL WISDOM is also a means to develop the E.Q. Teachings of Gita/Upanishad helps one to grow physically-mentally and gain necessary wisdom for spiritual growth…..