Pujya Swamiji is the Secretary General of HINDU DHARMA ACHARYA SABHA. He is also the Convener of Dharma Raksha Manch, Co-convener of Ganga Raksha Manch, Ex-Chairman, Gujarat Chapter, Vishwa Mangal Gau Gram Yatra. Rev. Swamiji offers guidance to various organizations/trusts. As the Secretary General of Hindu Dharma Acharya  Sabha, Rev.Swamiji was the  first to raise voice against SSCP(Setu Samudram Channel Project) in Supreme court.  Pujya Swamiji initiated Ram Setu Raksha Movement and brought it to its conclusive end.

International representation of Acharya Sabha—

  • Hindu-Jewish Leadership Summit.
  • Board Meeting of World Council of Religious Leaders, Singapore. 
  • Asia-Africa Spiritual Summit–Taiwan.
  • Hindu-Jewish Declaration - Jerusalem.
  • Israel Presidents Conference –Jerusalem.
  • Hindu – Buddhist Conference - Cambodia.
  • Dialouge with American Jewish Community(AJC) and discussions at Capitol Hill with representatives from US Presidency.
  • World Religious Leaders’ Summit, Baku(Azarbaijan).
  • G8 World Religious Leaders’ Summit, Winnipeg.
  • Yoga Worlds Day Conference –Portugal.