December 2021 

  •  Arsha Vidya Mandir was honoured to welcome Shri Dinesh Chandraji, Genral Secretary VHP, at the Ashram. Swami Paramatmanandji had extensive discussions on various issues of religious importance with Shri Dinesh Chandraji.

    Later they jointly presided over distribution of Notebooks to needy students.

  • On the Joyous Occasion of Mataji Dhyananandji’s Birthday, She Graciously distributed Foodgrain Kits to the needy residents of our environs. Our MLA Shri Govindji Patel was kind enough to lend us a helping hand along with Swami Paramatmanandji. We are grateful to our Munificients Donors who helped the Ashram in this endeavor. Hope to have more of such distributions in the future with the help of Donors. Our Humble attempt to aid Humans.

  • P.Pu Mataji Dhanyanandji Saraswati’s followers celebrated on the occasion of her 55th Birthday. It was a glorious sunny day. They gathered to pray, and performed MAHAMRITUNJAY YAGNA for P.Pu. Mataji’s continued well-being and दीर्धायुषon this occasion. Feel the joie de vivre.

  • The legal symposium on “Role of Hindu Religious institutions” at Bangalore (on 18/12/2021) had an auspicious beginning  with blessings from Jagadguru H.H.Swami Sri Nirmalanandanathji. A Detailed Keynote address, by distinguished Ex.CJI Sri.Venkatachalla, set the direction and a thought provocative inaugural address by Sri.B.L.Santoshji (Gen Sec BJP) enhanced the discussion.

    Param Pujya Swamiji gave introductory talk on “Vision of Hindu Dharma-Religiosity and Spirituality”

    Learned lawyers and Justices of High court were panelist’s for the Conference.

    Well begun is half done…!!  These pictures tell the story.

  • Sri Narendra Modiji is staying overnight at Varanasi- as he will be performing गंगाजीआरती this evening. Security considerations have led to the suspension of boat rides for for this evening. Fortunately we received special permission for a boat trip.

    We traveled from मणिकर्णिकाघाट to  हरिश्चन्द्रघाट   to   and had darshan of various ghats.

    Sharing the vistas of these Holy Places with you.

  • Puj Swamiji is blessed to Witness an historical event @Sri KashiVishwanath Temple in the divine presence of Mahatmas from across Bharat. A Shiva Bhakta -happens to be our PM. He has done his Sewa to Ishta Dewata Bhagawan  - Sri KashiVishwanath. View the gathering.

  • Lions Club International hosted a Function to Launch “Veer Savarkar – The Man who could have prevented Partition” authored by Uday Mahurkar and Chirayu Pandit. Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel. The Book Release.


November 2021

  • For the Legions of P.Pu Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati’s followers it was a glorious and auspicious day. They gathered to pray, and perform MAHAMRITUNJAY YAGNA for P.Pu. Swamiji’s continued well-being on the occasion of his 68th birthday. Here are some glimpses.

  • P. Pu. Swami Paramatmananda Saraswatiji delivered discourses on the various incarnations of Laxmi Mataji on 19,20 & 21st Nov. 2021, from 6.30 to 7.30 pm. We call upon all devotees to avail of this opportunity to enrich themselves with the insights  provided by P.Pu. Swamiji. The pravachans can can be viewed on Youtube at these links: Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3

  • The spiritual discussion on “Dharam & Maryada” led by P. Pu. Swamiji concluded on 12th Nov. in Lonavala. In his own characteristic manner, he explained that to most, Gaurav and Abhiman may appear to be Indistinguishable. However, for a “Gauravant” person, it is but natural to stay within “limits of Decency and Humility” OR Maryada  whereas crossing these “Limits” is the nature of the Arrogant/Abhimani. It is the observance of these limits that is the essence of Hindu Dharma. As far as Hindus are concerned Dharma is not about Faith (or Religion) alone, but the fulfillment of one’s duties is Dharma. Study and Comprehension of Shastras leads to a Value based evaluation of Right & Wrong. Here are some salient Moments.

  • Resp.Dr Chinmay Pandya Pro Vice Chancellor of Dev Sanskruti Vishwavidyalaya, Grandson of Pujya Pt.Sri Rama Sharmaji-Gayatri Parivar-Haridwar visited Arsha Vidya Mandir, Rajkot.Param Pujya Swamiji and Resp.Dr Pandya had personal discussions for about 35 mnts and visit to Temple-Ashram premises..

    Here are few pictures in Photo Gallery.

  • Param Pujya Swamiji was at Shivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad for Diwali festival blessings-
    Pujya Sri Sri Ravishankar-Art Of Living called on Param Pujya Swamiji, expressed his wishes/Happiness and felicitated Pram Pujya Swamiji on being head of Shivananda Ashram-Amdavad.
    Sri Sri invited Param Pujya Swamiji to Bangaluru Ashram and to next year’s international event. 
    Param Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Sri Sri both had one to one discussion for 30-35 minutes.
    Sri Sri also performed short Pooja at Mahalaxmi Mandir.
    Few pictures are uploaded into Photo Gallery.
  • “Skin Bank” the first in Gujarat was inaugurated by H.H.Param Pujya Swamiji on 2nd November 2021.
    Donation of the eyes of a dead person, gives the gift of Sight to vision impaired person/s.
    Technical Developments permit Skin Donation- which can be grafted & help at least 2 persons having burns
    or other injuries.Like, in a blood bank,skin can be preserved for 5 years…
    The project is financed by “Rajkot Greater” Rotary club. All the plastic surgeons of Gujarat have also joined the board.
    Param Pujya Swamiji inaugurated The SKIN BANK along with Former Chief Minister 
    SriVijaybhai Rupani.  
    Please view a few pictures in Photo Gallery


October 2021     

  • Acharya Sabha members had a meeting with HM Sri Amitbhai Shah at Haridwar.. Sri Amitbhai was with ACHARYAS for almost one hour. He also had one to one discussion with Swami Sri Paramatmanandaji- ACHARYAS discussed certain issues pertaining to Hindu Dharma and Culture which requires restorative actions from government. ACHARYAS also discussed future plans to protect and propagate Dharma & Culture. ACHARYAS present were- (1) H.H.A.M.M.Avadheshanandaji (2) H.H.Swami Paramatmananda Saraswati (3) Jagadguru H.H.Swami Sri Nirmalanandanathji (4) H.H.Baba Ramdevji (5) H.H.M.M.Swami Jnananandaji (6) H.H.Acharya Krishnamaniji (7) H.H.M.M.Swami Vishweshwaranandaji (8) H.H.Swami Sri Brahmeshanandaji Uttarakhand C.M.Sri Dhami - State BJP president-&-BJP media cell national Convener were also present. The Proceedings.

  • Param Pujya Swamiji while traveling in Karnataka visited BGS school & addressed the students. BGS School has about 4000 children and is open now for 8, 9&10 grades. It was the first day of school.

    Param Pujya Swamiji Said- We own few things and claim them as “mine”. My cycle, my phone, my clothes, my books, etc. Similarly, we claim organs of our body as “mine”. My hand, my leg, my eyes, my ears, etc. All these “mine” are in my control-I use them. True. However, that’s not true for your mind. Though you call mind as ‘my mind’-you hardly use your mind. Sometimes the mind uses you. You don’t manage your mind as you manage your hands, legs etc.

    Disciplines taught in school and Prayers that you offer, give you an handle over your mind. When one can manage one’s mind-he or she is “EDUCATED” in true sense. You all are blessed to being educated here at BGS school where discipline and prayers are taught. May you all enjoy blessings of HH Jagadguru Sri Nirmalanandanathji and be Educated in a true sense—!!! Hari Om             Student's Memories

  • At Shivananad ashram – Amdavad, Shodashi Mahotsav of Brahmlin Swami Sri Adhyatmanandji was celebrated on 3rd October. HH Swami Avdheshanand Giriji delivered a speech paying homage to Swami Adhyatmanandji. He also proposed name of Swami Paramatmanandji as ‘Adhyaksha’ of Shivananad ashram – Amdavad. On this occasion Pu. Swami Madhavpriyadasji Shastri supported anointment of Pu. Swami Paramatmanandji.

    HH Pu. Swami Nirmalanandnathji , Swami Sri Krishnamaniji, HH Pu. Swami Maha Mandlesgwar, Swami Sri Vishweshwaranandji, HH Maharaj Shambhu Prasad Ji, HH Swami Madhavpriyadas Ji, HH Swami Paramatmanandji  and HH Governor of Gujarat Shri Devvrat JI shared valued thoughts with us.

    Shri Jitu Chauhan expressed his gratitude and offered a Vote of Thanks to all Saints and Devotees for making this a memorable occasion. The proceedings can be viewed here: Part 1,   Part 2,   Part 3,   Part 4,   Part 5,   Part 6

 September 2021

  • RSS Ex Sarkaryavaha-National General Secretary-Adarniya Sri Bhaiyaji Joshi was at Arsha Vidya Mandir (Ashram) on 22nd September. After dinner he had an informal chat with Param Pujya Swamiji. He stayed overnight at the Ashram. After breakfast, they met some dignitaries prior to leaving for Amdavad. Saurashtra Prant Pracharak Shri Maheshji Jivani, Shri Girishji Joshi, Shri Maheshji Patange and HH Sri Shambhunathji were also here @ Ashram. Bhaiyaji took deep interest in our Goushala. The Visit in Pictures.


August 2021

  • Puj Swamiji released the book authored by Shri Manan Bhatt “BALAKOT AIR-STRIKE” How India avenged Pulwama” Book narrates intrigued aspects of minute planning of BALAKOT Air strike with utmost care of maintaining highest degree of respect and confidentiality so as not to breach the Defense services codes. Puj. Swamiji was overwhelmed by commitment and valour shown by our defense forces backed by political leadership. He mentioned that root cause of terrorism is belief of religious exclusivity showing supremacy of own and only one religion. Puj. Swamiji blessed Manan Bhatt for coming out with such wonderful book wherein he managed to bring out emotions of the people referred to in the book. YouTube Link of Book Launch.

          Acharyas visited Hanuman Gadhi, while at Ram Janmabhoomi, and met with Acharya Sabha Senior member HH        Nrityagopaldasji and “Chote Mahant”.Param Pujya Swami Paramatmanandji was felicitated by Chote Mahantji. Hanumanji Darshan here.

  • Acharya Sabha members went for Ramlalla Darshan at Ayodhya. They were felicitated by Temple priest. Consequently the Acharyas visited and blessed construction site of new templeof “Sri Ramlalla”. Shri Champatraiji, Secretary of the Trust accompanied them and explained various aspects of the entire project.They were able to witness the Historical artifacts excavated, which provide evidence of the existence of a Mandir at that very point. View this evidence!
  • Acharya Sabha members met UP CM Sri Yogi Adityanathji @his residence for an hour on 19.08.21 morning. ACHARYAS blessed and congratulated Sri Yogiji for his bold and far-sighted initiatives. All ACHARYAS expressed their satisfaction for his Government’s performance. They all discussed few important issues concerning Hindu Dharma and Culture. Moreover, they offered a suggestions, which Sri Yogiji accepted.

    HH Yogiji gave a special Silver Coin – given to invitees at the time of Bhumi Poojan performed by PM Shri Modi – to members of Acharya Sabha. Get a glimpse of History being made here.

  • Param Pujya Swamiji was invited by AIIMS, Rishikesh to inaugurate the Biplane Cath. Lab. P Pu Swamiji is accompanied by Director Dr. Ravi Kant, VP Dr. Gupta and Dr. Bhanu – Head of Cardiac Unit – and other members of the Staff. Various press reports indicate wide coverage of The Event. Catch a glimpse of a new and healthier beginning at AIIMS.

JULY 2021

  • On 24th July 21, Gurupurnima was celebrated at Arsha Vidya Mandir-Rajkot with traditional fervour and devotion. In the morning soon after regular Ekadash-Dravya Sodshopachar puja of Bhagawan Sri Someshwara Param Pujya Swamiji performed puja of Adi Guru Shankaracharyaji and Paduka Pujan of Param Pujya Swami Sri Dayanandaji. P.Puj Mataji also joined .Then she performed guru puja of Param Pujya Swamiji.

    Then students performed guru puja of Param Puj Swamiji and Param Pujya Mataji.

     In his अनुग्रह भाषणम् of Gurupurnima Param Puj Swamiji said “ Gurupurnima is प्राकट्य दिवस of Bhagawan Ved Vyasji. Hence it is also known as Vyas Purnima. Guru Puja is not performed for an it’s not of any individual guru,Sri SadGuru is NOT an Individual. He/She is an embodied Brahman/Personified blessings of entire Tradition. We transcend an individual expressing gratitude to the entire tradition of Guru Shisya parampara through which teaching of Shastra is perpetuated through generations.

     Param Pujya Swamiji blessed all and said May you all keep enjoying blessings of all Gurus and May you all pursue Self Knowledge with commitment and devotion. View the spiritual proceedings here.

  • On 20th July'21 Shashtri Sri Madhavpriyadasji-founder member trustee, Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha, paid courtesy visit to Arsha Vidya Mandir Ashram. Sri Shashtriji is a good friend of our Param Pujya Swamiji and spent about 3 1/2 hr at the Ashram. The Joy of Friendship.


  • Param Pujya Swami Paramatmanandaji was invited to World Religion Conference at Almaty-Baku


    Param Pujya Swamiji co-chaired the session on “Religion & Globalisation-Challenges and Resolution."

  • Acharya Sabha Trustees met with Sri Amitbhai Shah. ACHARYAS also met PM Sri Narendra Modi.

Later P.Pu. Swamiji had personal meeting with Sri Modiji and Amitbhai Shah for about 20 minutes.

Pu. Swamini Sri Dhanyanandji also met Sri Modiji and invited PM at Ashram for next Acharya Sabha Meeting in December 2018.

These Special and rare moments were captured and are displayed here. 

  • P. Pu. Swamiji visited Japan in September-2018 for talks. He conducted two full day Camps @ Shiga and Kobe – three days and two days respectively.

The topics were (1) Wisdom of Living and (2) Message of Lord Krishna.

The Camps were well received. There were 83 & 96 participants for Camps respectively.

Sri B.Shyam – Consulate General of India at Osaka inaugurated the Camps and attended the Camps with family.

Few pictures are uploaded to Photo Gallery.

  • Param Pujya Swamiji was invited to inaugurate 5th Convention of “Chalo Gujarat-Chalo Bharat” 

The convention was held at New Jersey for August 31st thru September 2nd,2018.

The convention attracts Indian Diaspora and during 3 days various Cultural Programmes are presented along with Sales/shops  of Indian Goods.

The convention is attended by about 10,000 Indians.

 In His inaugural speech Param Pujya Swamiji unfolded depths and beauty of Indian Culture and Called upon NRIs to own up and pass it on to the Next Generation 

Param Pujya Swamiji also talked about Rich Spiritual Heritage.

Also Link of Video of P.Pu.Swamiji’s above speech is given below

Click here to view the Video.


  • Third World Hindu Congress took place at Chicago-USA

The Congress was attended by about 2500 Hindus from 60 countries-for 3 days - from September 9th thru 11th,2018

“Think Collectively-&-Act collectively “ was the Theme.

 Param Pujya Swami Paramatmanandaji addressed ‘Plenary session along with 4 Religious Leaders and Sri Mohanji Bhagawat

 Param Pujya Swamiji’s speech which was direct and very clear, was very well received with periodic applause and a Standing Ovation at the end.

 Attached are Links to video of Short speech.